A reading corner

With just a few days to go before the school year starts, I’ve been in at work preparing my room for my new Year Two class.

This year I wanted to create an inviting area for my students where they can relax and enjoy reading for pleasure.

My classroom is a little tricky to organise. The back wall which I share with the classroom next door  opens up to form a double room. This is great for team teaching, but you can’t put any furniture along it.  I only have one wall which I can use for storage units, and the space left for a reading corner is rather small.

When I started working on it, it was fairly uninspiring, so I added a small rug and a hyacinth chest; both of which I picked up very cheaply at K-Mart. I put the books into clear baskets from the $2 shop, allowing them to be stored with their covers on display. This created a more enticing display. I added some bright cushions, also cheap at K-Mart, and some soft toys from my childhood which  I couldn’t bear to throw out. Finally, I attached a wall decoration purchased about ten years ago.

I think it will make a nice little reading space for my class.

The cushions and toys finish off the space nicely.


3 thoughts on “A reading corner

  1. Thanks for your description and pictures. I’m try to organise a reading area for our students in a very small classroom. I hope I can make it as bright as yours.

    • Thank you, Vividhunter. It’s almost 2 years old and has evolved a little since then, but the basic elements are the same – and the kids like it. Good luck with setting your one up. I hope it works well.

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