What I learned on Twitter this week – How Twitter inspired me to start students blogging

People often say that if you learn one thing at a course or conference which you can take back to your classroom, then it was worthwhile.

Since I started to build my Professional Learning Network on Twitter (PLN) I can honestly say that I have learned things almost every day that I can use back in my classroom. Through my PLN I am exposed to ideas daily that challenge the way I think about my teaching practice, that cause me to reflect, learn, change and grow.

For me, Twitter is like being at a conference every day.

Take this great article, shared on Twitter by @gcouros, that made me think this week.

The author, high school English teacher  Shelley Wright, makes an excellent case for teaching blogging as a persuasive text type. In fact, she suggests it is the new persuasive essay. She goes on to give a great explanation of blog structure which is very helpful for anyone planning to teach blogging to their students.

Her article really made me think. Should we be including blogging as one of our text types throughout the primary school? Most of us wrote our last persuasive essay at the end of high school or university, and those were generally written for exams.

The amazing power of blogging is that anyone can create a blog, and put their message out into a public forum. A well thought out, well written blog has enormous influence. It’s an exciting and empowering tool. And what is the purpose of education if not to empower and equip our students to function as effectively as they can in society?

I’ve used blogging with my class before, but I’ve created all the content, and their role has merely been to respond by commenting on it. However, I’m  now inspired now to get my students started on creating their own blog posts. I’m a little apprehensive about how to do that with a Year Two class, but I’m going to search the web to see how other K-2 teachers are making it work.

Do you use blogging with K-2 students? I would love to hear what you do.


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