Advice for New Teachers from Twitter

In the first post of this series for new teachers, You Are Not Alone,  I mentioned that Twitter allows you to connect with a great support network of teachers. As a great example of that, here is what some of the teachers in my network had to say when I asked them what advice they would give to a teacher about to take on their very first class.

Oh and if you are thinking of using Twitter to connect with other teachers, you might like to start by following some of these terrific teachers. You might also find this article useful.

  1. A lot of new teachers are about to take their very first class in NSW next week. What advice would you give them? #ozedchat #ntchat
  2. @corisel students need you to be a teacher, they don’t need a friend (they have enough of them) students engage better with good leadership
  3. @corisel dont be afraid to ask questions of others around you, be organised – start with routines & timetable #ozedchat #ntchat
  4. @corisel #ozedchat #ntchat Don’t be afraid to take risks-this is your best time to experiment & reflect; show that you love learning. Enjoy!
  5. @corisel that was the advice my sponsor teacher gave me-he also gave me a lot of freedom, so valuable.
  6. @corisel be prepared to get things wrong, we all do, but we learn from the things we get wrong. Don’t think you have to know everything!
  7. @corisel if in elementary-my sponsor teacher also gave me 3 ‘rules’: don’t eat anything a kid gives you, wash your hands a lot, and lastly..
  8. @corisel don’t kneel below the kids desks-lice jumps down but not up ��
  9. @corisel #ozedchat #ntchat don’t be afraid to make mistakes, look to make connections, use Twitter 4 ur PL, enjoy urself, take time 4 urself
  10. @corisel so true sadly- finding great people to share/mentor helps
  11. no question is ever studied, no answer is ever the end-all-and-be-all #ozedchat
  12. sorry that tweet failed to make sense! No question is ever STUPID! #oops #ozedchat
  13. @corisel oh and a biggie: take the time to learn your craft (teaching) before you spread your wings & don’t be too eager to take on roles 🙂
  14. @corisel Share *who* you are with kids..if they see you as open,human &, most importantly; *fair*: they will go with you #ntchat #ozedchat
  15. tell stories, real stories about yourself and ur life. Be real and be a listener. Listen to kids, parents colleagues. #ozedchat
  16. be prepared to fail look forward to it! To fail is to learn. Learn to fail or u will fail to learn – teach kids to learn from it #ozedchat
  17. @glendagregory @corisel And the custodians, SEAs, & secretariesreally run the school �� they can be huge assets ! Learn from them too!
  18. be kind to yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day but each day, something was achieved. (And definitely laugh lots. Lots and lots.) #ozedchat
  19. @corisel build positive relationships with all staff and where possible key parents.
  20. @corisel ask lots of questions, listen to switched on staff, get to know your kids, join twitter
  21. @corisel listen, share (that doesn’t mean tell) and be positive and friendly
  22. @MichaelJSky @corisel last point so important! Look after yourself, maintain hobbies, make time for friendships and find ways to unwind
  23. @corisel All of the above!! Plus don’t be afraid to say no. Look after yourself as well as the kids – no one will thank you if you don’t.
  24. @corisel @michaeljsky true, it’s hard to maintain a balance. Too often I think we leave these things to the holiday breaks!
  25. @Sharon_McD @corisel so easy 2 b overwhelmed by how much there is 2 do, need 2 realise there’s always stuff 2 do, u …
  26. @corisel #ozedchat also, don’t allow urself 2 get caught up in a neg mindset, 2 many do and they can bring a new …
  27. @corisel get 2 know your kids individually, build relationships. Be open, fair & inclusive with them & their learning. #ozedchat
  28. @corisel be calm, consistent and cheerful. Remember your class is a mirror of yourself. #ozedchat
  29. @corisel Be organised, don’t be kids best friend. Ask for help/advice on any students/parents to be aware of before first day.
  30. @corisel don’t try too many things at one time and aim for at least one really good lesson a day. Be persistent with group work #ozedchat
  31. @corisel the relationships you build with students are essential. You are not a friend but you must display a positive unconditional regard!
  32. @corisel #ozedchat most importantly -expect disaster, laugh at mistakes and know everyone has been there before! NO exceptions!
  33. @AnnCaro1 @corisel if they are going to learn with you they need to trust you. No confidence = no learning.
  34. @wardj72 @ValerieLeessd36 @corisel tie them certainly! Just wash hands thoroughly afterwards!
  35. @corisel I would be ready to Make a Difference #TFtmd and pace yourself its a long 11 weeks
  36. @corisel different stresses. Teaching much more intense. Less boozy lunches
  37. @corisel learn students names fast as u can(&anything about them that is nothing2do with your subject). smile. Model how you’d like them2b
  38. @corisel Be positive! A smile goes a long way even if you are having a ‘bad’ day!
  39. @corisel take up meditation. It’s brilliant for stress relief and for putting things into perspective.
  40. @ttivalien @corisel Yes let your students know you really care about them as people &!want what’s best for them.
  41. @wardj72 @corisel Nip problems in the bud. Don’t leave nasty surprises til p/t night. Phone home at night if you have to.
  42. @wardj72 @corisel Have a support person with you for any P/T chats early on & ALWAYS if there’s a big problem.
  43. @wardj72 @corisel Join your union, become an active member & use its services.
  44. @AnnCaro1 @corisel Build relationships with colleagues. Sometimes laughing & crying together is all that gets you through!
  45. @corisel keep the work/ social/home life balance equal!Don’t burn yourself out. It’s important to keep interests out of school too #ozedchat
  46. @corisel don’t quit after your first yr. I did but had great mentors who made me go back to classroom. It gets easier each year #ozedchat
  47. @corisel LISTEN – to your students, to your colleagues, to yourself, to your body
  48. @corisel More advice for new teachers – remember to work to live not live to work. Maintain work/life balance
  49. @corisel Read kids’ suggested books, or play handball with them, or something. Teaching can be fun if you don’t mind having a bit. #ozedchat

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