Take a stand against the public denigration of teachers

I wrote this post for in response to an awful article denigrating early childhood teacher by columnist Judith Sloan. In it I explain why I believe teacher bashing is used as a political tool by those who don’t want to properly fund public education.



Yesterday, like many others, I was appalled to read a blog by Judith Sloan in which she attacked Early Childhood Teachers, calling them ‘dim witted’ graduates from ‘second rate’ universities. If you missed it, you can read her post here.


Now people write all sorts of unreasonable things on blogs, and usually I would ignore it, writing it off as an ignorant, uninformed rant.

However, Judith Sloan is a person with enormous influence in Australia. Check out her bio.  She also writes a column for the Australian Newspaper, allowing her views to have considerable reach.

Meanwhile, the early childhood teachers that she attacked in her article, have only a limited ability to have their voice heard.

There is an enormous power imbalance here, and Judith Sloan is abusing her position of greater influence to denigrate an entire profession.

At Edutweetoz we want to correct that imbalance and give…

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2 thoughts on “Take a stand against the public denigration of teachers

  1. Wow. How misinformed is Sloan. There’s so much research that learning in the early years greatly impact on a child’s progress later. It is so sad and wrong that someone with much influence would denigrate others.

    I think there are many reasons why there are some sections of the community that think very negatively of teachers. You are right, some denigrate the teaching profession in order to devalue teacher and drive down costs. There’s also the idea that anyone can be a great teacher. Almost anyone can pick up a tutoring job.

    However I think that social media now offers a great avenue for teachers to reach out directly to the community and tell their stories. I think instead of moaning how we are never treated with the respect we deserve, teachers need to actively promote the professionalism of their work.

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