Why teach?

When I decided to become a teacher back in 1989 these were my reasons:

  • I wanted to spend my time making the world a better place, not making myself or others rich.
  • I loved learning. What better way to share that joy than to become a teacher
  • I loved to create, innovate and problem solve. Teaching would allow me to do this all day, every day.
  • I enjoy variety and I was pretty sure primary school teaching would allow this.

Looking back on my reasons, I have to say that every one of them is as true today as they were then. I love teaching because I know I am making a positive difference in the lives of students every day.  20 years on, I continue to find it challenging, creative and varied. I could count on one hand the times I’ve felt bored or haven’t wanted to go to work. It’s hard work. There are long hours, high expectations and a lot of stress. But there is also so much fun and laughter each day.

I love my work because I know it matters. At the end of each day I come home with the knowledge that I’ve done something good, that I’ve helped another person and set students on the path to a better future. I can’t imagine doing anything else.


Are you a teacher? I’d love to hear why you became a teacher and what keeps you in the profession.


4 thoughts on “Why teach?

  1. Steve Box says:

    I became a teacher because I loved to see students grow, develop, learn, take risks, explore ideas and become more capable to take on the challenges of the world and make a difference. (wow if I could put that on a tshirt or a bumper sticker…)

    As a school leader the same applies, but I look to ensure our school, teachers and community are all on board with the power of education.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for commenting. Your quote would make a great bumper sticker! I know what you mean about school leadership. As I move further into leadership roles, I’m finding similar rewards from building and strengthening a whole community.

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