Podcast: Edutech – an Overview

2 weeks ago, Cameron Malcher and I attended the 2014 Edutech National Congress and Expo on behalf of our podcast, the Teachers Education Review.


Attending the event as media was an enormous privilege and I’d like to thank the Edutech team for being so accommodating. They provided us with introductions and access to many of the major key note speakers who generously gave of their time so that we could record some interviews with them.

We left the conference full of ideas and inspiration, and with memory cards full of interviews and presentations so that we could share some of the learning with those who couldn’t make it.

The material we collected will form the basis for a series of podcasts, the first of which has just been released. In the first episode of our Edutech series, we provide a general overview of the conference, to give you a taste of what the event was like.

Our interviews (with time codes)  include:

  • 32:54 Craig McFarlaine, the CEO of Association and Communication Events, the company behind Edutech. He speaks about the history of the event, its mission, and also how the event has influenced his ideas on education  as a father of two young children.
  • 39:25 Suan Yeo on about some new tools for the classroom from Google
  • 46:25 Leigh Murphy from Education Services Australia tells us about Scootle
  • 51:27 Rachel Guo, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare talks about some curriculum resources.
  • 56:17 Peter West, from St Stephen’s college explains about their whole school approach to blended learning.
  • 1:05:19 Ewan McIntosh talks about the founding of TeachMeet (yes, he was part of the first one) and some ideas on how to develop the global movement
  • 1:12:32 Dan Haesler speaks about the experience of presenting at large conferences
  • 1:17:23 Simon McKenzie talks about his experiences as an edutech participant over the years, and how he was able to affect some change.
  • 1:22:20 Adam Spencer, the event’s MC provides his perspective on the event and on the important work that educators do

We also collected some extended interviews with a number of keynotes including, Sugata Mitra, Conrad Wolfram, Jenny Luca, Joyce Valenza, Ian Jukes and Alan November. These will become the focus of a number of future episodes of the podcast.

To listen, you can either use the soundcloud player below, or download the podcast to your smartphone. You can subscribe to us on iTunes, Android and Stitcher Online Radio.


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