Podcast: Developing a culture of positive behaviour management


In this fortnight’s episode of The Teachers Education Review Podcast, I speak with Annabel Astbury about ABC Splash, which is a treasure trove of education resources. Annabel is a former History/English teacher who is now the head of digital education at the ABC.

ABC Splash is part of our national broadcaster, and provides a free public resource for teachers, students and families. There are thousands of resources for teachers to use with their classes. What I particularly love is that it houses so many of the high quality educational video resources that the ABC has created over decades. For me, it’s a treat to be able to dip into these archives and find new uses for them.

As Annabel explains in the podcast, ABC Splash has been around for just over two years, however the funding for the project has come to an end and the future for the project is now unknown. An application for further funding has been made, but whether or not the communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull grants that is another story.  We’ve already seen so many cuts to the public broadcaster. Let’s hope this growing resource for educators doesn’t become another one.

Our feature for Episode 40 is an interview with Paul Dix, from Pivotal Education in the UK.  Paul spent eleven years teaching some of the toughest kids from some of the most difficult backgrounds in the UK and now works with schools to transform their culture of behaviour management.

He talks about how transforming teacher behaviour will transform student behaviour and how to build a positive culture in the school. He recommends getting rid of whole school point systems and a focus on punishment, replacing those with very simple strategies that set high standards, build emotional capital and recognise success.

Disclosure: I am currently contracted by ABC Splash to assist them in raising awareness of their resources for Australian educators.

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00:00 – Opening Credits

01:19 – Intro

05:04 – ABC Splash, Annabel Astbury

13:49 – Education in the News

30:54 – News Discussion

44:00 – Main Feature Intro

46:01 – Interview with Paul Dix

01:21:30 – Discussion, Behaviour Management

01:43:10 – Announcements

01:47:09 – Quote & Sign Off


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