Rethinking Primary School Homework – ResearchED Sydney

Two years ago, my school began a process of rethinking primary school homework to develop a model aligned with research evidence. A year-long stakeholder consultation brought to the surface very strongly held views about the value and purpose of homework, some of which were surprising and shone a light onto the real impact of homework in the lives of modern Australian families within our catchment area.  Through the process of consultation a polarised community was able to find common ground and an agreed set of principles to guide the development of the new model for primary school homework.

I’ll be sharing findings of our stakeholder consultation at the  ResearchED conference to be held in Sydney on February 21 including,

  • the perceived value of homework for students, families and teachers
  • the impact of various types of homework on students, families and teachers
  • the misalignment between beliefs about homework effectiveness and what the research actually says  and,
  • the beginnings of our new model of primary school homework.

I have to confess to feeling nervous. I rarely speak in public to audiences beyond my school community and putting our work out there for public scrutiny is a little nerve-racking.

However, I decided that it would be good to get out of my comfort zone and so I agreed to appear. I just hope there’ll be some friendly faces in the crowd.

If you are a friendly face and haven’t secured your ticket to Research Ed yet, there’s still time, just follow this link.


4 thoughts on “Rethinking Primary School Homework – ResearchED Sydney

  1. Hi Corinne. What you’ve posted here reads like a really interesting abstract and I’m sure you’ll be great at presenting a topic that is clearly close to your heart. Good on you for stepping up to present your work – you won’t regret it! Both the homework issue and the consultation and change process will be of interest to a wide range of people. I’ll be one of those friendly faces in the audience. 🙂

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