Stand up against this culture of abuse and violence towards teachers

I posted this on my Facebook page, and am re-posting here.

This teacher bashing article was published on an Australian website during the week (I’m using to avoid giving them hits)

I have no issue with the author being disgruntled, irritated, annoyed and fed up with her school. But instead abusing her platform to troll teachers and get clicks, if she has issues, she should take them up in a more adult way by opening a constructive dialogue with her school.

Not only are many of the things she says utterly offensive and it contains gross generalisations that are unfair to the entire profession, the publication of this article helps perpetuate a culture that is dangerous to teachers.

And yes, I mean it. Dangerous.

Australian principals, deputy principals and assistant principals are 5 times more likely than the general population to be subjected to threats of abuse, and 6 times more likely to be subjected to actual violence. (more here)

I have been threatened and abused, many of my colleagues have been threatened and abused, and from what I can observe, it’s a growing problem.

It’s not just school leaders. Workcover NSW identifies teaching as a high risk profession for violence and abuse.

And then there’s what we already know about the workload and huge burnout rate of teachers.

Check out this out for starters:…/story-fnn8dlfs-1227337760738

and this:…/stres…/story-fncynjr2-1227349535411

The point of it all is this: teaching is increasingly becoming an unsafe profession, for both our physical and mental health. I know so many teachers who are at breaking point.

Articles like this which troll teachers, and the publishers who provide them a platform need to be called out and condemned for feeding a culture which say’s its okay to abuse us.

It’s not.


2 thoughts on “Stand up against this culture of abuse and violence towards teachers

  1. Hey Corinne, as a matter of interest, I’ve been getting daily Google news alerts on “teachers” from Australia for abour three months now and tracking the kinds of articles. At a rough estimate, we’re up to about 60% negative. Obviously that’s not catching all articles, but it’s a rough guide as to what’s available. I think this is why I’m so hopeful about the professional teaching standards, in that they say up front what we hold to. We may not agree with all the standards, but I do think they contribute to the professionalisation of teaching (don’t get me started on the “teaching is a vocation” thing!). I agree, these kinds of articles breed negativity and aggression towards teachers, and we need to stop that festering.

    • That is fascinating. Every now and then, I think about what a great research topic it would be. And good point about the standards… but I’m not sure they’ll be enough to reverse this culture. I think we need a destroy the joint for teachers – but everyone would just accuse us of being whingers and tell us to shut up.

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