What are we Educating our Students For?

Often, our focus in education seem to be on developing the skills capabilities we want our students to have in the future, when they are adults.

While preparing our students for the future is important, the most important job we have, I believe, is to help our students to thrive and have a meaningful life right now.

I don’t think I understood that until one of my students died of Leukaemia. She was just 7 years old.

What a tragic waste if her only purpose in life was to be prepared for a future she would never have. Those seven years were all she had, and mattered no less than if she’d lived until she was seventy.

It’s easy in the busyness of school to focus on what has to happen next, and where we want our students to be rather than where they are right now.

That’s why I focus on wellbeing.

That’s why I take the time to get to know my students and value them for who they are, not who they might be.

It’s also why I  engage students in authentic real-world projects , where they can make a real difference and contribution to the world they live in.

Education is about more than preparing the citizens of the future. Our students matter now. Let’s help them to thrive and be as much as they can be right now.


One thought on “What are we Educating our Students For?

  1. Sallyann Burtenshaw says:

    Just off to a meeting to track our students and make plans as to how to move them on the data wall. I will be taking this with me. Thanks. A lovely piece.

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