A side project of mine is The Teachers Education Review podcast, a fortnightly podcast that takes a look at educational issues in Australia and around the world.

Hosted by Cameron Malcher and myself, we explore the implications of educational policies, teaching practices, and international events that impact on teaching and learning in Australian classrooms.

Listen to our episodes here, visit our website or subscribe to our feed either through iTunes or Feedburner.

Episode 26: 2014 Positive Schools Conference

Main Feature: Cameron and Corinne report on the 2014 Positive Schools conference in Sydney with reports and interviews with organisers and presenters.

Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher feature, teachers talk about their best professional development experiences; Off Campus, Dan questions teachers’ need to be constantly accessible; Education in the News, after a big fortnight of news stories, Cameron and Corinne discuss ideology in educational decision making; Mystery Educator competition.


Episode 25: 2014 Edutech Conference

Main Feature: Cameron and Corinne report on their recent trip to Edutech in Brisbane, with interviews with organisers, presenters and attendees.

Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher Feature, Teachers reflect on the role of professional relationships in their teaching; Education in the News, Cameron and Corinne discuss the impact of well-being in schools on educational attainment

Episode 24: Laura McBain from High Tech High talks about Project Based Learning

Main Feature: Laura McBain from High Tech High talks about Project Based Learning

Regular Features: Education in the News; AITSL’s Teacher Feature, teachers talk about engaging and challenging their students; Off Campus, Dan Haesler talks about student voice and how schools engage with it; Mystery Educator competition.


Episode 23: Dr. Phil Riley talks about the Principal Wellbeing Survey and workplace stress in schools.

Main Feature: Dr. Phil Riley talks about the Principal Wellbeing Survey and workplace stress in schools.

Regular Features: Education in the News, Cameron & Corinne talk about cuts to education in the federal budget; AITSL’s teacher feature, educators reflect on inspirational teachers from their own school days; Teacher’s Brains Trust, Jeff Mesina shares strategies for casual teachers.


Episode 22: Sydney GAFE Summit – Google Apps For Education

Main Features: Sydney GAFE Summit, interviews with Jim Sill, Kimberley Hall and Jennie Magiera on Google Apps For Education. Interview with Dr. Helen Street about Positive Psychology in Schools and the upcoming Positive Schools conference

Regular Features: Education in the News, Cameron and Corinne talk about school funding; Off Campus, Dan Haesler talks about social media in schools; Mystery Educator, a new competition; AITSL’s Teacher feature, teachers talk about approaches to improving their practice.


Episode 21: Counsellor Louiza Hebhardt discusses teacher burnout, and strategies for teachers to maintain well-being and deal with the pressures of teaching

Main Feature: Counsellor Louiza Hebhardt discusses teacher burnout, and strategies for teachers to maintain well-being and deal with the pressures of teaching.

Regular Features: AITSL’s teacher feature, teachers discuss what it means to be ‘Asia literate’; Off Campus, Dan Haesler talks about the need to focus on teacher well being as part of education; Teachers’ Brains Trust, Pip Cleaves models a leadership narrative while discussing creativity in education; Education in the News, Cameron and I talk about workplace bullying and other recent news headlines


Episode 20: Jarvis Ryan talks about what it’s like to teach in a remote community in the Northern Territory.

Main Feature: Jarvis Ryan talks about what it’s like to teach in a remote community in the Northern Territory.

Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher Feature, Catherine Dartnall and Leila Kasprzak talk about Student Engagement; Dan Haesler talks about the need to think outside the box in Off Campus; Michelle Hostrup shares her experiences with different uses of learning spaces; Mystery Educator; Education in the News

Episode 19:  David Price on Open: How We’ll Live, Learn and Work in the Future

Main Feature: Interview with David Price, OBE, about his book “Open: How we’ll work, live and learn in the future.”

Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher Feature, Erin and Angela discuss the things they love about teaching as a profession; Education in the News; Off Campus, Dan Haesler questions the ways we measure success in education; Teachers’ Brains Trust, John Drake talks about ways to enhance creativity in the classroom



Episode 18 – Dr. Lesley-Anne Ey on the influence of media and music videos on increased sexual behaviour in children

Main Feature: Interview with Dr. Lesley-Anne Ey on the influence of media and music videos on increased sexual behaviour in children at younger ages. Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher Feature, Danielle Cavill & Emily O’Connor talk about student voice; Education in the News; Teachers’ Brains Trust, Danielle Vandenberg talks about her early experiences with the Flipped Classroom; Mystery Educator competition.


Episode 17 – Edspark Edutech Start Up competition

Main Feature: EdSpark Edutech Startup Competition Finals. Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher Feature, Cameron Paterson and Matt Estermann give advice to beginning teachers; Education in the News, another education review + why do conservative governments favour more expensive, less effective teacher training programs; Off Campus with Dan Haesler, positive psychology; Teachers’ Brains Trust, Sam Schroder introduces a ‘campaign of kindness’ to senior English classes.

Episode 16 – Engagement, Curriculum and Pedagogy with David Zyngier

A new show format for 2014 with new features! Our main feature is an insightful interview with Dr. David Zyngier about pedagogy to encourage student engagement, factors that influence learning, PISA and more.  We introduce the first AITSL Teacher Feature, a new regular segment on the show. “Off Campus” with Dan Haesler on School Contentedness, Education in the News, and introducing “Teachers’ Brains Trust”! with Betty Chau about Positive Psychology.

Episode 15 – Australian Curriculum Review

In this episode we explore the proposed review of the Australian Curriculum, including the concerns raised about the review & the men appointed to lead it, the nature of the development of existing curriculum, and some of the concerns educators have with the curriculum. We interview Robyn Ewing from USYD, ACARA CEO Robert Randall & APPA Executive Stephen Breen. Also introducing a new segment with advice for teachers, and regular feature, ‘Off Campus’ with Dan Haesler.

Episode 14 – Games in Schools featuring Giles Pritchard and Tom Benjamin

This episode features guest co-host Giles Pritchard (@caradocp), from the Games in Schools and Libraries Podcast , and an interview with Dr. Tom Benjamin about quests, narrative game play, and elements of gamification in education. Also features ‘Off Campus’ with Dan Haesler, and Cameron catches up with listener Mark (@seminyaksunset) while on holiday in Queensland.

Episode 13 – 2013 Year in Review + Interview with Suzie Riddell from Social Ventures Australia

In the final episode for 2013, Cameron and I discuss the biggest events and achievements in education throughout the year, both political and personal, and we interview Suzie Riddell, Executive Director of Education for Social Ventures Australia, about their efforts to address social inequity in Australian Education.

Episode 12 – Professional Associations. Looking inside the English Teachers Association

Our latest edition of the Teachers Education Review focuses on the role of professional associations for supporting and developing teachers. In this 2 part special, Cameron reports from inside the 2013 NSW English Teachers’ Association Annual Conference held on 22-23 November at the University of New South Wales. In part one, Cameron interviews the very inspiring president of the ETA, Karen Yager, and we also hear from Dan Haesler in his second edition of “Off Campus” where he discusses PISA and politics.

In part 2, interviews include Treasurer Susan Gazis, Executive Officer Eva Gold, Journal Editor Mel Dixon & Assistant Editor Stefanie Lia, VOX Pops, and discussions about Transmedia Narratives and the NSW English Studies course.

Episode 11 – Beginning Teachers double episode

In our Early Career Teachers’ Special, we talk to Pre-Service and Early Career Teachers about the challenges they face; we speak with AITSL General Manager, Edmund Misson about Accreditation; We feature the first “Off Campus”, a new segment by Dan Haesler; speak with Matthew Green about imanewteacher.com; and seek advice for early career teachers from educators from all over the place.

Episode 10 – Technology in Education with Dr Neil Selwyn 

Professor Neil Selwyn from Monash University talks with TER Podcast about the difference between the rhetoric and the reality of technology in education.

Episode 9 – Inside Teach Meet at the Wharf

In this super-sized special episode, we take a closer look at Teachmeets, a free-to-all form of collaborative professional development for teachers. Cameron reports from Teachmeet English at the Wharf on November 1st, with interviews and presentations from the night.

Episode 8 – Gamification

In Ep. 008 we take an introductory look at the idea of Gamification in education. Cameron interviews author, international speaker and founder of Gamification.co, Gabe Zichermann, about the value of games and game elements in education.

Episode 7 – Engagement 

We discuss the issue of engagement in education. What are the benefits to student learning, and what are some of the ways teachers can better engage students in their classes. We talk with educational consultant and writer Dan Haesler about the importance of engagement in the classroom. We also interview John Goh, principal of Merrylands East Public School about some of the whole-school approaches to engagement at his school.

Episode 6 – NAPLAN

Episode 6 contains part 2 of our interview with Dr. Greg Thompson of Murdoch University, and Dr. Nicole Mockler or Newcastle University, in which we talk about the issues associated with Australia’s NAPLAN testing regime. Dr. Thompson, who tweets under the handle @effectsofNAPLAN, has devoted significant time and attention to the impacts of NAPLAN on teachers and school communities, and shares with us some of his insights into the positive and negative effects of NAPLAN in the 5 years since it was introduced.

Episode 5 – Connected Learning

I interview Dr Alec Couros about how the nature of teaching and learning has changed in the 21st century, and Dan Haesler about the implications of BYOD policies for schools. Cameron and I discuss many of the issues surrounding connected learning and how it has impacted on each of us professionally.

Episode 4b – Independent Public Schools Part 2

In this episode, Cameron and I speak with Greg Thomson and Nicole Mockler to find out more about Independent Public Schools in Australia.

Episode 4a – Independent Public Schools Part 1

Cameron interviews NSW education minister, Adrian Piccoli and State School Teachers Union of Western Australia’s president, Anne Gisborne about Independent Public Schools.

Episode 3 – Education in the Election

We examine the education platforms of the three major parties.

Episode 2b – Gonski Part 2

In part 2 of our Gonski episode we interview NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, about NSW being the first state to sign up for the new funding agreement, as well as the plans for implementation of increased funding in NSW schools. We also speak with AEU President, Angelo Gavrielatos about the significance of these funding reforms, and the union’s campaigns around school funding leading up to the new funding model.

Episode 2a – Gonski Part 1

In this episode we discuss the history of the Gonski review and the new Better Schools funding legislation. We also  interview Melbourne University Academic Bronwyn Hinz about the details of the Better Schools legislation.

Episode 1 – PISA and Homework

In this, the first episode of the Teacher’s Education Review, we discuss PISA Data as presented by OECD Education Advisor Dr. Andreas Schleicher, and take a look at the ever-controversial issue of homework.


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