Project Based Learning

When I started with Project Based Learning (PBL) in 2012, I found it difficult to find examples of successful projects for K-2 students, and It was hard for me to get my head around how I could have students with limited literacy and numeracy skills work so independently. I spent 2013 using PBL and Genius Hour with my Year Two class in Sydney Australia and I’ve been documenting our projects here.

After using the pedagogy for just over a year, I have to say I’m a convert. I loved the purpose and authenticity it brings to learning and the way it empowers students to direct their own learning and to be agents of change in their community.

Do you have good examples of Project Based Learning for the primary (elementary grades)? Let me know in the comments so I can add your links to this site.

2013 Year in Review: Project Based Learning with Year Two

Project 1: A School Fair

Project 2: Improving the Playground

Project 3: A Review Website

The following links take you to some great websites where you can learn more about project based learning.

Buck Institute for Education

Edutopia – Project Based Learning 


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